Glamorous Pin Up Hair

Happy First Day of November Y’all! Last night was Halloween 2014. Trevor and I decided to be a glamorous couple from the World War II era. We found him an  awesome authentic WWII Marine uniform from a local store. It fit quite well for stumbling upon it! I, on the other hand, decided I would make my costume per usual. So I started my research, which consisted of many hours on Pinterest, on vintage military pin up girls. Last year I was Dottie from the fabulous movie A League of Their Own, so I have some experience with vintage hair and victory rolls. This year I decided to make the vintage victory a little different but still time authentic.

Photo on 10-31-14 at 1.15 PM

First we begin with day old hair. When I first did research on vintage hair all the girls said to use day old, greasy, dirty hair and I refused to believe this to be the best way. How could it? Its dirty! Well dirty hair works wonders, clean hair just falls out of the rolls and slips through the the bobby pins. The next step is to separate the hair that will be going into the rolls so it can be curled in the correct direction.

Photo on 10-31-14 at 1.19 PM

These separations will be the two rolls. The rest of my hair is pulled back in a bun to hold it out of the way. For these curls I used a 3/4″ ceramic curling iron. I curled my hair up in the direction of my part so that when they were cool they would be curled in the same direction as the victory roll would be rolled.

Photo on 10-31-14 at 1.25 PM Photo on 10-31-14 at 1.34 PM

The first picture illustrates the curled up direction of the curls, and the later is all the curls pinned up to cool and set. Repeat with the opposite side of hair and pin up as well so the sides cool curling towards each other. I do house work or cook while my curls cool and set…otherwise I have ZERO patience and would pull them out too early and they would fall flat.

Photo on 10-31-14 at 1.41 PM Photo on 10-31-14 at 2.31 PM

BUT if you leave them in to cool they will not fall flat they will come out bouncy and full of volume. While they were cooling I used a 1/2″ curling iron and just curled the rest of my hair as I normally would for any curled hair style. Now the rolls are curled in the right direct and you must gather them all up and tease the roots! Now for fine hair teasing isn’t easy but its worth the extra time and effort to help keep the roll in place.

Photo on 10-31-14 at 3.02 PM

Now here is the final roll. Since I part my hair to the left side this roll is much larger than the other side so I opted to twist and pin the right side into a bouffant type fashion. Once everything is where you need and or want it to be you hair spray the heck out of it so that it doesn’t go anywhere through your evening. My high waist shorts tutorial is coming up next on the Down Home and Country Grown blog where the whole sha-bang is put together and final pictures of hair, make-up, outfit, and the man are shown.

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