Glamorous Pin Up Outfit

Hey Y’all!

Here is part two of the Glamorous Pin Up tutorial series from Halloween 2014. Last time we visited, the discussion was about the hair tutorial for my Pin up costume. This time it will be the embellishment of the high waist shorts. Since I had made the shorts previously, I have no pictorial account of how I made the shorts. However, I will have the verbal version.

IMG_4357High Waist Shorts:

I found a tutorial online that detailed how to  make vintage bathing suit patterns from boy shorts and old bras. However, this website charged for the whole tutorial, so being thrifty I called my mom and discussed how to DIY it myself. I have a pair of boy short undies that were the approximate shape and waist height that I wanted, but the leg length was much too short to be worn out in public. So I got out my ruler, quilting square, computer paper, and a pencil. Next, I traced the undies and extrapolated the length that I thought I wanted from waist to bottom. I used an athletic material from my local Jo Ann’s store so it had good stretch and resilience to help keep it from getting the “soggy diaper butt” that some swim suit type material induces…Everyone has had one of those suits before and y’all know its not fun!

I would not typically recommend “winging it” with cutting out the fabric using this makeshift pattern, but my fabric was 50% off and the sale ran for a week, so I knew if I really messed up I could go get more. I bough 1 YD of the fabric and that would make two pairs of shorts for my size ( small 0-1). The only seams were up the sides and the front and back of the crotch region. Here came my stumbling block.. or boulder…I have my mom’s sewing machine and apparently don’t have the right foot to feed the stretchy, slinky material through the machine. I tried every trick I could find on Pinterest and everything that my mom could think of and it still was not feeding. So I went back to Sewing 101 and did it by hand. Since I don’t sew by hand much the seems were quite bumpy and lumpy…


I would probably be the only one who knew that they were THIS lumpy since it is black material but my type A personality would not let me leave it that way. Again, I did some research on military dress wear from the WWII era and found the glorious gold strip down the side of their pants! My prayers were answered and I ran out to Jo Ann’s to find gold sequined elastic to cover those hideous seems.


Here you can see the approximate height of the shorts on my waist, also the gold stripe down the side. I hot glued the stripes to the shorts while I was wearing them because I didn’t want the stretch of putting them on to pop the seal of glue between the two materials. **** PLEASE be careful if you choose to hot glue anything while its on your body!! Know the material and its thickness!****

Lastly I sewed four buttons onto the front of the shorts to give it that real vintage pin up look and  to help add some dimension to the shorts.


The bottoms are now finished! But we all know that you have to have more than just bottoms! Most pin up girls wore corsets, lingerie, bras, or bralet type attire on top. If you are like me and part of the itty bitty titty club then I highly recommend the two bra method to make an authentic pin up outfit and image. Many promo and shot girls use this method to make their ta-tas look much larger. This is just layering two bras. I used a Victoria Secret push up bra for the first one and layered a second non-push up bra on the outside. Not only did this help create the illusion of the perfect hour glass shape that all pin ups have, but it also covered up a nice chunk of surface area on my body so I felt more covered up.


Here in good ol’ Montana it gets cold, so I had to have something to cover up and keep warm with. Target had a fabulous army green sweater on sale a while back that fit the bill! It fit with the whole outfit and I can wear it again with any normal day outfit as well. I always look for multiple uses when I buy things for Halloween because otherwise it feels like extravagant and unnecessary spending in my budget.

The finishing touches were nude thigh high stockings and the signature red lipstick!


The red lipstick worked wonders for creating this great kiss mark to really seal the deal on the concept of a WWII couple. Well, there is the tutorial on my costume for Halloween 2014. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram to see what crazy idea I come up with next!

Thanks Y’all!

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