Mediterranean Diet Series #1

Hey Y’all! I’m back! After being stuck in bed with mononucleosis for the past two weeks I am back up, moving, and making food for myself again. Thankfully, Trevor is great and took care of me, made me food, and helped with grocery shopping so I have been able to recover and eat well at the same time. Now, some time ago I was at a Jamberry party and had the most AMAZING appetizer ever! It was so addicting that I breezed through my nail art and went back into the kitchen and kept eating the dip. My good friend Katie is an awesome hostess and she had everything you could ever want at a party like this, drinks, food, music, and good company. So when I asked her for this recipe she immediately rattled it off and the steps involved. IMG_4451Having let my immune system plummet and aid in contracting mono, I decided that I needed to get serious about what I am eating and what fuel I put into my body to help get me through the work day and my workouts. A while back I attended a lecture about the Mediterranean diet that helps lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol among other health benefits. Not only does this yummy appetizer fall perfectly into that category but it is so simple to whip up for snack at home or in a big batch for a party or get together. Step 1: Drizzle the bottom of you plate, dish, bowl, or Tupperware container with olive oil. The amount depends on the serving size you plan to make. IMG_4445Step 2: Add in chopped up green onions to taste and lots of feta cheese! (Now some people do not like feta cheese so I would imagine that mozzarella would work nicely in feta’s place) IMG_4446Step 3: Dice and see the tomatoes. The seeding helps with presentation if you are taking this dish to a gathering. I used one medium Roma tomato for my at home serving size. IMG_4447Step 4: Add tomatoes and Italian seasoning to taste. **Italian dressing packets work well** IMG_4449Step 5: Mix together and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chip, cracker or toasted french bread!! Now, this is not going to meet all of my needs for a balanced diet, but it is a quick and healthy snack to kick start my Mediterranean diet plan. Stay tuned for more recipes in the Mediterranean Diet Series here at the Down Home blog.   Thanks Y’all! Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 8.06.53 PM