Mediterranean Diet Series #2

Hey Y’all!

Today I am bringing to you my method of organizing my recipes from magazines, friends, and Pinterest.

IMG_4434 I use binders for everything! They are great to organize and keep important papers together in one place. In order to differentiate between the binders, I create cover pages and I try to use different colored binders, however I am very partial to pink so the cover pages tend to take on more importance. To create this cover page for my binder I used my Microsoft word application and the symbols tab to enter shapes into a Word Document. As well as Wordle.

Wordle is an online graphic generator that uses groups of words or phrases to create an interesting and stylish focal point. I thought of and Googled as many food and cooking related words as I could, plugged them in and added in my desired colors (pink and teal). This is  what I got back out, pretty awesome huh?

I do have a pack rat tendency with useful household items that are still in good working condition. From high school and college I have lots of left over school supplies, such as binders and binder dividers. Perfect for this project. I started this binder project a few years back, and now am having to add a second binder to accommodate my different tabs. (I started with very generic tabs)

IMG_4428Here is a generic divider…lets make it better. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I like to scrapbook and thus have a lot of scrap paper laying around. I grabbed my Elmer’s Spray Glue, an old towel, and my scrap paper.

IMG_4427Step 1:

I placed my old, icky looking divider down on the towel and sprayed it with a generous amount of glue.

Step 2:

I grabbed my scrap paper and placed it on the glue-ed divider and firmly pressed them together.

IMG_4431** Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the remaining dividers.

Step 3:

Once I finished up all my dividers they  look something like this…front and back….

IMG_4435Step 4:

Trim off the excess scrap paper staying as close to the divider as possible. Now I like to have the tab portion of my divider the same as the rest of the page so I cut around the tab. If you prefer a nice white tab and colored page then carefully trim edges and the overlapping paper on the tab.

Step 5:

Label the newly beautified dividers. I LOVE my label maker and find many reasons to whip it out and print up labels. Neatly hand written tabs are nice as well, but I get too much enjoyment out of my label maker to quit using it now.

IMG_4437Step 6:

I trimmed the excess off the labels and placed them on the tabs of my dividers. Next I sorted through my recipes to place into new and more specific categories. So now I have two binders, many beautiful dividers, and lots of room to add new recipes into the binders.

IMG_4438Binder #2.

Now that my recipes are organized, I can easily find the recipes that fit nicely into my Mediterranean Diet plan as well as recipes that could be modified to make them healthier. I even have a mason jar meal section that will be going up on the blog shortly!

Stay tuned for more from the Down Home blog as well as more additions to the Mediterranean Diet Series!!

Thanks Y’all!