Candle Jar Refashion

Hey Y’all!

Were taking a quick break from food and the Mediterranean series to talk about home organization in the shape of candle jars.

IMG_4461I know everyone gets those holiday candle to make the house smell divine, but what do you do with the empty jars? Just toss them and make your trash bag heavier? NO! Clean them out and reuse them! Once you get the majority of the wax out via candle usage or breaking out little chunks, just toss that baby into the dishwasher and out comes a clean and usually unique jar! I use candle jars everywhere because they are sturdy glass, usually have good lids, and look pretty cool with different colored glass and different shapes.

Some of the many ways I have used candle jars are listed here:

Cupcake Wrapper Storage: saves them from getting smushed in the baking cupboard!

IMG_4456Candy Jar: who doesn’t have candy out for guests who come over?

IMG_4457Office and School Supplies: for when you need those pesky little paper clips

IMG_4459 IMG_4460Laundry Supplies: If only I had a true laundry line…..

IMG_4458A few others:

  • cotton ball
  • Q-tips
  • nail polish
  • bath salts
  • nails & screws
  • scrapbook doodads

I am sure there are plenty more reasons that I have not listed here!

What are your favorite uses for old candle jars?

Thanks Y’all, stay tuned for my top homemade gifts for the season!