Christmas Cards DIY

Hey Y’all!

Its finally here! My Christmas card DIY project is finished and everything’s ready to be posted. I mailed the cards out this morning! There were some surprises at the Post Office but well get into that later!

IMG_4485First I gathered all of my materials as I usually do. I am also sitting on the ground like I usually do, I have done this since I was little to do homework, projects, watching TV, and just lounging around.

I have Christmas themed scrapbook paper, plain Christmas colored card stock, a holiday stamp, green ink, spray adhesive, scissors, and my paper cutter.

Step 1:

IMG_4487 IMG_4486I used plain white computer paper to try different designs. I tried landscape vs. portrait, stamp placement, as well as where the writing would go vs. the picture. This is a lot easier to crumple up and toss if it is not what you like! I settled with a landscape orientation with varying stamp and picture placements for each individual card.

Step 2:

IMG_4498 I picked out the sheets of paper that I thought would make a nice “shell” for my cards. Next I removed the perforated top portion of the sheets so that I could begin the even folding process.

TIP #1

IMG_4489Keep a trashcan, trash bag, or recycle bin next to you when doing scrapbooking, card making, or sewing! Not close to you, not in the same room as you, but right next to you. It saves tons of time with clean up!

Step 3:

IMG_4491 IMG_4490I folded my cards in half  “hotdog style” to make the landscape orientation card shape.

TIP #2: Use the handle end of a pair of scissors to really smooth the crease and make it a nice sharp line. My nails tend to scratch the crease and make it rough and bumpy but the smooth end of the scissors will make it nice and crisp.

Step 4:


IMG_4493I laid my cards out and grabbed my sticky notes to label who was going to receive which card. I did this based on their personalities and what design I thought each person would appreciate the most. It also helps keep me organized and not forget anyone!

Step 5:


IMG_4495I decided to make the stamps a colored insert in the cards instead of stamping the white inside of my card’s shell. I got 4 stamps per page and then cut them apart into squares to be glued in.

Step 6:

IMG_4497Add ribbon, decals, stickers, stencils, or whatever else feels right for the card. I created different ribbon patters within my cards to use as a back drop for my picture… some how those pictures got lost/deleted :(.

Nonetheless, I used ribbon, paper, and glitter snowflakes. IMG_4617Here is the final project! Well, one of them at least. Gold sparkly ribbon to frame the photo, two tones of silver snowflakes, and a geometric design of card stock. The cream is where I then wrote the personal message. I used the Frametastic app on my phone to create the collage, the WordSwag app to create the bottom Merry Christmas overlay, and then printed them at Target using a coupon from their website making them almost free. I also purchased snowflake labels and card seals from Target.

TIP #3: If you use standard scrapbooking paper and fold it in half as I did, it is no longer considered a “letter” by the USPS, thus needing more postage. I assumed one Forever Stamp would be enough since they were light but I needed to add an additional .70 c stamp onto each of the cards. Please reference the USPS website when in doubt! Don’t repeat my mistake!


Thanks for stopping by Y’all! My cards are in the mail and now its the countdown to flying home to see my parents!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!