Cost Effective Map Decor

Hey Y’all!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are gearing up for NYE tonight. I have been holed up with mono still so I am trying to do the little things I can to ring in the new year. So the latest project is my map art.

IMG_4709I recently moved part way across the country and sometimes that nostalgia will creep up and I miss the places I have lived before. So I decided to commemorate them with map art. I lived in California my whole life, so I do not need a map of California to tell me how to get around. Plus it got slightly tattered in the move!

IMG_4710So I gathered my quilters square, a pencil, scissors, and my old map. I wanted two different sized maps for my projects so I measured out one 5×7 and one 8×11. This map has different routes highlighted on it from previous trips so I added to them and created Sharpie hearts around the two cities I lived in.

IMG_4711Here is the pre-Sharpie cut out. Now since maps are usually kept folded up they will have many creases and folds so what I did was left them under some heavy books while I flew home for Christmas. If you don’t want to wait you can place it between two towels and lightly iron the paper.

IMG_4713IMG_4708So my map looks like this now. On the left it is unfolded and you can clearly tell it is not longer useful as a map. BUT, when I folded it all up it looks like a perfectly good, usable, and reliable map. Since I no longer live in California I  probably wont grab it by mistake and go on a road trip with a half chewed up map. My suggestion if you use your current states map is to label the map as “craft map” or “used map” something large and in charge. That would be fun explaining to your travel partner why the map as large chunks missing out of it part way into the trip….NOT!

IMG_4712Here is what I mean by large and in charge! Take up as much of the front as you can with your label so it is instantly recognizable as a non-functioning map.

Now that I had everything cut out, labeled properly, and cleaned up, I went through my frames and found that I had a 5×7 but not an 8×11! Murphy’s Law I suppose, check before you make something! So I have one finished and framed map and one finished and unframed map!

IMG_4816Here is my finished and framed 5×7 map! Looks pretty darn good on that pine shelf I made last year!

Thank Y’all for stopping by and checking out this New Year’s cost effective decorating idea!




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