Gratitude and Grace Part 1

Hey Y’all!

Today is more of an introspective journey than any DIY projects or food ideas. Now y’all know that I recently moved half way across the country and its been almost a full 6 months! I find that some days I am very ungrateful for the wonderful things I have in my life. Supportive parents, supportive partner in crime (AKA Trevor), a roof over my head, food on my table, and a job. I have been living in the past, my best friend was nostalgia. I could not see the good in any present situation and always thought it was worse than it was. This type of thing is never easy to admit, but if this post helps one person then its worth it.

IMG_3356We are going to start from the most recent and work our way backwards. I spent my college years in Monterey, California. It seems gloomy and doom-y with all the rain, fog, and drizzling, but I had a lot of wonderful adventures and met a lot of wonderful people. I moved to Montana looking for somewhere to call home, somewhere that I felt like I fit into better than the California cost/silicon valley. So now I am going to verbally appreciate everything I loved about Monterey and stop bashing it for the things I did not like.

1. I graduated college and came out with a decent job in my field of study. It is so hard these days to graduate school and find a decent paying job that is related to your major. I am thankful that I was able to find something in my senior year that would then carry me up till the day I moved.

2. The wonderful people I met along the way. My dear friend Travis was an awesome person, so kind and loving. The day we lost him was one of the worst of my life. I know he’s still with me in my heart and I am so thankful that we picked the same school and were able to become friends. Stephanie is one of my best friends and I met her working in our field. We sat around drinking fresh apricot margaritas, listening to country, riding horses, and finding any and every rodeo to attend. We had a blast this past summer packing in as much as we could before I moved. Carrie Anne is the craziest girl I have ever met and I love her to death. She is an awesome friend and always there for a good laugh. Life wouldn’t be the same without these girls. I met a few other wonderful ladies at the gym I worked at. Jana is such a lovely lady and such a joy to stay in contact with as well as my former professor and friend Addison. She has supported me academically and emotionally in all my endeavors and has been a great source of knowledge and wisdom.

IMG_33903. The awesome availability of fresh food and the many different markets and services the “salad bowl” had to offer. JP Organics is a CSA service farm. You sign up with them online and then can order weekly boxes of fruit and veggies that is delivered to your door. These boxes were fresh and totally awesome! You could order ever week, every other week, once a month, or once every million years. Trader Joes…we all know I love it so do we need to go there? Farmers markets, year round. When the weather is so mild it is easy to have farmers markets year round and a great way to get fresh fruit and veggies.

4. I got to live in a place for 5 years that many people only visit or dream of visiting. I have hiked mountains that take you higher than the fog and valleys that lead straight to the ocean. I am so thankful to have lived there and seen the beautiful area that is the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas. Not many people can say that.

Although it was not my FAVORITE place to live, I have a lot of FAVORITE moments from that time in my life and I would trade them for anything.

Stay tuned for the second half of my Gratitude and Grace series about moving on and being happy in the present.

Do not fear for I am with you.

Isaiah 41:10

Thank Y’all!!