New Year’s Bathroom Organization

Hey Y’all!

I am sure you have seen TLC’s Extreme Couponing and the million and one coupon pins on Pinterest. So what do you do if you don’t have a spare room to turn into a stock pile? Or may you don’t coupon to those extremes, just the necessities. If both of those apply to you then we are in the same boat! I use coupons for the things I use regularly, not just because its a good deal, and they does mean that I have extra stuff laying around that needs to be organize.

IMG_4833Looks like a mess doesn’t it? And I know without a doubt there are a few hair products that are in there from freshmen year in college……Now the next step is take everything out and wipe it down. Yes, I mean everything.

IMG_4834Emptied and now clean as well! Now I am highly motivated by TV so I brought all my stuff into the living room and turned on some What Not To Wear and went to town.

IMG_4835I went to Costco this morning and got that brown box to carry my groceries in and now it will be my trash can for this project. My strategy was to separate things into categories. Make-up bags and containers, summer products, new unopened products, partly used products, and mostly used products.

Make Up Bags and Totes:

IMG_4837IMG_4841Left: a mess of bags with no rhyme or reason.

Right: one overnight or gym tote ready to go. (Use any miniature items you have laying around to make this to-go tote.)ย  A bag of bags all neatly held together and in once place should they be needed rounds out the bag category.

New Soap Products:

IMG_4846I have my large soap refill bottle, brand new shaving creams, hand soap, shower gel, and individually packaged bars of soap. I put these all into one box to keep like items together and easily accessible should the need arise.

Summer Products:

IMG_4842IMG_4847We all know that the main staples of summer time are aloe gel and bug spray…oh ya.. maybe some sunscreen would cancel out the aloe but anywho….suntanning oil and after sun lotion. I loaded those into their own tub as well along with a few facial masks products and my temporary pink hair dye from Punky.

New Products:

IMG_4848So my contact solution is a bit on the pricy side but it makes my eyes feel amazing in comparison to other brands. SO when I have a high value coupon and can match it with a store sale I take advantage of that every single time. Hence the 4 bottles of contact solution, but it wont go bad because I use it daily. Next are Bath and Body Works lotions from one of their amazing sales of buy 3 get 3 free or some crazy amount like that! Same goes for the two perfume bottles standing up in the back. Lastly, I have a few extra hair sprays just hanging out for my vintage hair styles. Tutorial here.

Partly Used Items:

IMG_4843These are my partly used items…some leftover conditioner, fake tanning lotions, and mouse. These are the items I am now putting into my daily routine to use up and get rid of quickly. They will be used up very shortly and then even more room left in the cupboard!

Mostly Used Items:

These went straight into the trash box!IMG_4855 Hair spray bottle with hardly anything in it, lotion bottles with nothing in them, old make up that is probably germ-y, and so on. These things just need to go, but the frugal person in me does not like to get rid of ANYTHING that has the smallest smidgen of product left in it. So I had to just let go and toss them. If feels good after the fact, during the fact it caused some anxiety.

So now we have covered all my categories!


Nail Polish is one of those things that just kind of sits around and never get thrown away even if it should be thrown out. So here is my nail polish box organization and thought process. If its gooey and goopy, toss it! If its not a pretty color any more to you, toss it! If you can’t open it, try one more time then toss it!

IMG_4850IMG_4849Now its all organized into nail accessories, and then nail polish drawers. This was the final touch on my bathroom organization project of today. Here’s the final product:

IMG_4852Thanks Y’all!!

Come back again!