Snow Day Project

Hey Y’all!

Today is kind of cold and really snowy! We even have a winter weather advisory! Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 2.08.55 PM

So on days like this I like to stay home with hot coco and maybe a book or new movie. Today, however, I decided to do a quick craft project. Last night I was surfing Pinterest and saw a project that would be a fun and functional way to organize all my to-do craft ideas and future project inspirations. I liked this Pin but the style would not fit in with my rustic, shabby chic Montana decor so I refashioned the idea in my head to come up with this:

IMG_4893Here is the inspirational Pin: >>>

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 2.19.03 PMNow this was a great staring point for me to jump off of and make the project my own and make it fit my needs and style.

I slept on the idea of this project board and started working this morning with a clear concept. First I gathered what I thought I would need for this project. I had some old cork tiles laying around, a few burlap place mats, scrap fabric, a ton of clothespins, and of course scrapbook paper.

Step One: Cover the cork tiles

IMG_4883If you have ever done upholstery or recovering furniture you understand tacking. The pulling and gathering and stapling and folding….It can go very wrong, very fast if you don’t have a few ground rules.

1. Start on one side and then move to the opposite side to make an even stretch. Repeat with the remaining two sides

2. Depending on the thickness you can use a regular stapler or a contracting staple gun

3. When in doubt tack corners down with hot glue to ensure a tight corner

4. Check the tension in the fabric periodically to make sure its not too tight or too loose

IMG_4884IMG_4885Since these cork tiles are fairly thin I opted for a regular stapler so that the staples would not come through the other side and rip the fabric or poke someone walking by or attaching an item.

In between the staples place a dab of hot glue to create and extra secure hold.

I had three tiles to work with, two place mats, and one piece of scrap fabric, so naturally I went for creating an accent tile with the fabric and a pattern with the other two place mat covered tiles.

IMG_4886Step Two: Functional Decorations

Now that my tiles are covered I needed to create labels and the attachment method, which is clothespins. So I got on my computer and created a Word Doc with “Current Project” and “Future Projects” labels to add to my tiles. I printed these out on card stock and hot glued them on the boards. (normal glue wont work well with the burlap fabric)


Then I added two clothespins to the Current Projects Board, because that will hold not only the idea but receipts, paint swatches, and/or patterns. The two Future Projects Boards have three pins each so when one pin gets moved from the Future to Current Board I have an open slot to find a new potential project. We’ve all been there, find something online, Pin it, and forget about it. This way I can keep track of my ideas and projects without getting distracted by more and new projects online.

Now that everything is assembled, all that’s left is to hang them on the wall.

Step Three: Hanging

IMG_4891These cork tiles are very light and the items that will be hung will also be light, so these Command Picture hanging strips are all I need for this project. Peel and stick, can it get any easier? Check out the link for free coupons!

Command Coupons!!

There ya go guys! A fun, easy, and quick project to do on a snowy day at home!

Thanks Y’all!