DIY Reusable Swiffer Pads

Hey Y’all!

I am sitting here tonight after having cleaned my whole place, created a donation box, and organized my bookshelf. Oh, and had a brilliant idea in the process. IMG_4918I brought these beautiful mint green towels at Target today, on sale and on Cartwheel! Double score! So while I was washing the new towels I went to purge out my old, ratty, and yucky towels. I dumped them in a pile and went about cleaning. In the process of mopping the floor I realized I was almost out of Swiffer wet mop refills.As I am sure y’all know these things are stinking expensive! While looking for my shopping list to add this necessity, my eyes fell on the pile of old towels and a light bulb went off! When I worked for the property management company we used washable flat mop rags. These ones were all fancy and had elastic to hold them on to the flat mop, and I really didn’t want to start a sewing project at 7:45 pm. Well Swiffer had already solved this problem for me by adding their grabber-thingys on the four corners to hold their mops on. Naturally I decided that an old, thin, ratty towel could be up-cycled into reusable and washable Swiffer refills!

A nice fluffy, thick towel may not work so well as these grabber-thingys would not be able to hold onto it, but a thin used towel would! Bingo! I have a pile of them now just sitting on the floor!

IMG_4919Now this towel has been with me almost 6 years. It came in my “dorm in a box”  box when I left home and went to college. It had a very thin comforter, two towels, two pillow cases, some odds and ends, and a USB plug-in lamp. Now you can imagine the quality of these items since a WHOLE dorm room came in one box. However, this towel now make for a perfect Swiffer refill.

So I did not want to waste a wet refill to use as a measuring tool so I grabbed one of the dry mop refills and used that as my template.

I find that these are a little bit small on Swiffer so I added a 1/4 inch or so around the edge to make it a better fit. Since this is not a “pretty” project I eye balled it.

IMG_4920These dry Swiffer mops make great electronic wipes. That cable box that just sits around accumulating dust? Yup, these work great on it! The towel replacements may or may not work as well on things such as this, but we shall see!

So I laid my Swiffer “pattern” onto the towel and cut, cut, cut.

IMG_4921I then used the first cut out towel refill for the next “pattern” and then just kept moving the stack to use as the pattern. I finally ended up with 9 full size Swiffer refills that I can add my own cleaner onto or just warm soapy water. I typically use 2 sometimes 3 Swiffer wet mops on the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom floors. So now I can theoretically use 9 if I wanted and just toss them into the washer with other towels and hand towels. This basically just cut out that cost forever because towels will always get ratty. Its a fact of life!

IMG_4922Here is my final product, attached to my Swiffer, and ready to go! Can you tell my favorite color….

That’s it for now folks, its time to make some  ol’ fashioned air popped popcorn and Hotel Impossible on Netflix!



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