Photography, an Instant Return Ticket to a Memory

Hey Y’all!

There are many things I am knowledgeable about such as working out, cooking, crafts, organization, and now blogging. Notice that photography is not on that list. So why I am blogging about it? Because this blog is about everything from the things I excel at, to things that I want to better about myself. I have been interested in photography since my dad traded two shotguns for a Nikon DLSR with a buddy of his. Yes, we are redneck and proud.  (Honestly all I know is its a big fancy Nikon camera!) So I have done some landscape photography which I am putting out there for all to scrutinize right now! EEEK!

I am hoping to find somewhere to learn more about photography and about my camera specifically here in the near future. Living in Montana makes its a little bit hard to pop into weekly classes or multi-day seminars. So I am on my own! Bloggers, online help forums, and research are going to be my new best friends for this endeavor.

Step One:

Find out how to add a watermark to my photos without Photoshop

I took computer arts through high school. This is helpful when doing photo editing, the tricky part is getting around using Photoshop like I am so used to because its soo expensive! So here is a great site for her tutorial on watermarking without Photoshop as well as overall content! Watermarking Tutorial

Here is my finished product!


Step 2: Which I have already done for my Instagram posts, smart phone apps that help edit and add text quickly to make an interactive, eye catching post.

IMG_4479Now I can protect my photos from unsavory people, who may trying to claim my photos as theirs. ( ya because they are that good…ha!) As well as adding quotes and sketches to my photos to make them fancier. So I guess its time to put up or shut up, at least for now! Ill do more once I have learned a thing or two!

MB blog photolakemami

IMG_3871Thank Y’all! Let me know what you think of the photos and share your helpful hints in the comments below!


UPDATE: Added photo


UPDATE: 3/14/17

I received such wonderful feed back on this post early on that I thought it deserved an update on my photography skills. They are getting much better. I even won two ribbons at this past summer’s fair. I submitted 3 photos and 2 of them placed in the top 3 of their categories. This kind of gave me that swift kick in the rear to really try harder and get better at it.

I now have your wonderfully supportive comments, 2 fair ribbons, and 6 photos accepted on to Big Stock a site for  the sale of stock photos! I have yet to sell anything on the stock website, but it takes time, right? HOLD THE PHONE! I just double checked and I have made one commission on a photo! Lord have mercy I feel like I won the lottery! Go check out my photos! Send your friends, family, and any one else who may need stock photos!