Beautify Your Kitchen

Hey Y’all!

Do you have blank walls in your kitchen that just seem awkward without stuff on them? Well I have one of those and its right in front of my door so its the FIRST thing you see when you walk in. So here is a simple DIY gallery wall that you can easily change up!

IMG_4962So I have a few obstacles to work around on this wall. 1 light switch, 1 outlet, 1 phone jack and cable jack, and my thermostat. My original idea was to put vintage kitchen art in picture frames but the frames just created clutter on the wall that was already busy to begin with. I found these great photo clips at Target on clearance!

These clips look pretty great on their own but that would look silly on the wall, so I found vintage conversion pages and printed them on card stock. Not only are these a great focal point on the wall but they are useful, cause who can remember how many teaspoons are in a gallon. Just kidding they are normal conversions, but you get the idea!

I laid out my wall and huge the three clips up and it just seemed a little unbalanced or off. I have been meaning to display my old California license plate in a frame or shadow box, but for now it balances out my gallery wall and makes for a great conversation piece.

Gallery walls don’t need to be 100% frames items or neat little squares. The clips I bought add dimension and visual interest to my gallery wall while making it versatile. These clips open easily so that things can be changed around.. Christmas cookies recipes, Easter recipes, Fourth of July drink and food menus ect…

IMG_4966Thanks Y’all!