Adventure Sunday

Hey Y’all!

Its been FOREVER I know but I am back at it! So yesterday was adventure Sunday and boy did we make the most of it. DSC_7397You know all those small towns that you only hear about or maybe drive through without stopping? Well stop! That’s what we did, we stopped for pictures, for food, and for investigation. We spent the better part of the day driving around in almost sub zero temperatures to get good pictures, great memories, and wonderful experiences.

Stephannie has her own photography business so this is fairly routine for her, but lately I haven’t taken that much time to explore my new home and the surrounding areas. So yesterday we struck out for Virginia City, one of Montana’s ghost towns.

Virginia city has both old and new charm. This quaint town has kept the old buildings, the old cemeteries, and the old character of the area. However, people live there today with all the modern amenities. Since its Sunday most of the “tourist” places were closed but we visited the cemeteries where we found love birds as well as outlaws.

IMG_9171 IMG_7485 2And yes we took pictures with the headstones of the hung outlaws. All four were hung at once and the actual beam is still in one of the towns historical buildings with the rope marks still visible.

After we froze out butts off in this ghost town, we drove back to a little town, with a few more stores and restaurants open, for lunch. We found an old fashion soda fountain diner that had everything from the gossiping old ladies in the corner to fresh, homemade Indian fry bread and strawberry soda.

Lastly we circled around and drove past Quake Lake and up through West Yellowstone park to finish up our adventures.

We don’t take enough time to enjoy the day. We don’t go on enough adventures. We really need to take time and enjoy the little things like a Sunday drive and small town living.

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