Living with Food Sensitivities Part 1

Those of you who have food sensitivities, intolerance’s, and allergies will understand my predicament. It seems like food is the enemy and you aren’t allowed to eat anything! Also, not only is it food but also drinks, over the counter medicines, and beauty products. Here is my 4 year journey of learning to live with these restrictions.In 2012 I had terrible stomach problems for several months before a gastroenterologist finally diagnosed me with gluten intolerance. For those who are unaware, this is difference than Celiac’s disease. Intolerance’s are less sever, however can still mess up a person’s day pretty bad; nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, gas, and the list goes on. At this time the doctor mentioned that lactose intolerance usually accompanies gluten intolerance, luckily I did not exhibit symptoms of that, yet.

I love pasta, bread, cakes, and cookies so this was a major challenge. Many early gluten free flour blends were grainy and left a very earthy taste in your mouth. That is NOT at all pleasant when a person is used to processed white flour their whole life! Not only is the taste different but the price tag is extremely different. Many times gluten free items such as past are double in price what their gluten counterparts are. When dealing with a grocery budget this makes life a little stressful. I got to the point where I rarely bought bread because it was costing me $7-8 a loaf! I know that’s ridiculous right? This is partly due to processing of gluten free flour, but also it has become a “fad diet” for those who just want to try it to lose weight. Unfortunately companies noticed this trend and saw a profitable opportunity. As the years go on things have come down in price a little, however shopping and eating can still be a struggle. It does get easier, I promise!ย  Nowadays with many different shopping avenues finding affordable gluten free products has become much easier! My personal favorite is Thrive Market. They not only have gluten free options but also organic, vegan, and paleo!ย  They also offer free items, free shipping on some orders, oh and HUGE discounts on every product! This every day discount ranges from 25-50% off retail price. For those who have sensitivities and food restrictions this site is a God sent!

Not only is gluten in food, it is also in many beauty products! *gasp* I know, your favorite mascara could be the reason your eyes are always itchy or why your face make up makes your skin turn blotchy and red. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Living with Food Sensitivities series where I’ll describe my trials with beauty products and what I have found works the best for me!

Thanks Y’all!