Living with Food Sensitivities Part 2

Hey Y’all!

I am back for part 2 of my Living with Food Sensitivities series. Today its all about beauty products and how gluten is hidden inside them!

Now as you can recall from part 1 of this series, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in 2012. Now the doctor I saw did not mention much about other products with gluten, she only talked about food and the very generic food at that! It took me about a year to figure out why my beauty routine seemed to be causing all kinds of skin irritations and redness.One of the biggest issues I dealt with was itchy, red eye lids and the rims of my eyes as well. It was even misdiagnosed as pink eye at the school health center! Talk about terrible! Most days I could barely stand to keep my contacts in much past 3 in the afternoon since I was constantly rubbing and messing with my eyes.

Finally, after buy many new tubes of mascara, I realized that I wasn’t getting bacteria or dirty in my mascara but my body was having an allergic type reaction to it! LIGHT BULB! So I went online and found the full list of ingredient in the mascara that I had been using and guess what I found?? Yup, gluten traces. Now many products do  not specifically label “gluten” or “wheat” however, if it bothers you its worth switching to a cleaner product.

That being said, we run into the same problem as gluten free food, cost. Many products that are gluten free, paraben free, etc come at a hefty price. My favorite tried and true mascara is Light, Camera, Lashes by Tarte. Now it is a bit spendy at $21 however it lasts for a long time and doesn’t make my eyes itchy and red. In my book, its totally worth it. Id say I buy maybe 3 a year, making the cost a bit more manageable.

Once I cut gluten out my skin cleared up on its own so I don’t wear much foundation, however blush and bronzer are an every day item and need to be gluten free as well to avoid red blotchy cheeks! My favorite is Kinky from Urban Decay. Now they do not test for trace amounts of gluten, however I have not had an issue with it and the gal at Ulta Beauty Salon highly recommended it having Celiac’s herself.

So this series is call Living with Food Sensitivities, notice the plural? Stay tuned for part 3 where Ill discuss my most recent diagnosis and the repercussions of not following it!


Thanks Y’all!