My Latest Obsession…

is linen fabric. I am 100% obsessed with everything linen. Linen fabric, linen pants, linen duvet cover, linen name it and I am head over heels with it. Now here’s the catch, it is pricey! Take a quick look through Etsy and linen duvet covers are running in the $200’s! I can’t justify that purchase when we use the duvet only a few months out of the year but there are options! Recently I picked up a linen and cotton duvet cover at Target for $60! The top portion, that shows, is linen and the base layer is a cotton linen blend. Looks just like the linen duvet covers on Etsy but is way better priced! Now my next item to find is linen napkins. They seem like the perfect spring time edition to our dining room table. Now I don’t know about you, but here in Montana our options are pretty limited. We might have 1 fabric store per town and its usually the generic kids stuff and flannel or fleece for the cold weather. So here is how I find the items I am looking for while living remote.

  1. Network! There are many online groups these days to buy and sell items of all kinds. Facebook online garage sales, Craigslist, and many new apps that are coming out these days such a Let Go. Sometimes you don’t find what you are looking for but you build relationships that can be beneficial down the road.
  2. Thrift & Antique Hunting: Many of the antique shops I visit also double as consignment or thrift type stores. These hole in the wall places have crazy amounts of random stuff. Chances are you will find something that you can take home and up cycle into something you’ll love. Be careful with the fabric items you purchase though, make sure it can be washed as soon as you get home so you don’t end up with cooties or bugs!
  3. Out of State Relatives and Friends: We all have that one person who travels extensively, or lives in a large metropolitan area and chances are they can find items quickly and on the cheap faster. My beautiful cousin is a flight attendant so she jet sets all over the world. Looking for a Paris snow globe? There is my connection or my “in” to finding what I want.ย  Or maybe your parents moved to sunny Florida and you need beach sand for a school project. Last time I looked we don’t have white coastal beach sand here in Montana!

There are tons of ways to find what you are looking for that do not include going to the local fabric store. That being said, I still haven’t found linen napkins! I guess I will have to try every little hole in the wall place to find them cheap!


I mean really, how cute are these colored edge linen napkins! Found them on Pinterest, followed the links till the end to Alder & Co. only to find that the page no longer exists! It was a sad, sad day that for sure! I thought I had found the mother load of cute!

Of course when I wasn’t looking for cute linen napkins I saw them all the time at antique and vintage stores. My last resort will being finding linen online for a reasonable price and making my own. While finishing up my thesis that is more time consuming than I was hoping for.

Some day I will have cute linen napkins on my dining room table. (Which is made from an old lighthouse window I found at the dump! )