Migraine Relief

If you follow the Down Home Blog on Instagram you know that in December I had an ear piercing done to hopefully help my migraines. It really was my last resort. For something that was so anecdotal and not backed by any type of research lead me to believe that the worst case scenario would be a new ear piercing and still suffer from migraines. I had no idea that the best case scenario would be so wonderful!I have never been able to tolerate pain medications, I have too many allergies to the stuff and even extra strength generic pills have causes hives. Since those options are out of the question, I have had to suffer through them for the most part. I have found a few items that help that are items you probably have lying around the house.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil. With any headache I run to my essential oils and rub peppermint oil on my temples and across my hairline at the first feeling. It helps, it really does..but with a migraine is does not help enough.
  2. Gatorade. We have Gatorade powder at home always in case of the flu, food poisoning, heat exhaustion or anything else that requires a replenishment of electrolytes. This really can help curb some of the headache symptoms for me. It takes that edge off just enough to function until I can get home to sleep.
  3. Ice/Heat Packs. I usually have no rhyme or reason which I use and where I place them. Each headache is different and what ever works for that headache is what I go with. Typically its ice on the back of my neck/head and then a hot pack in bed with me. The heat helps draw blood to the extremities causing a reduction in headache symptoms while the ice pack slows (very minimally, don’t worry!) blood flow to the head.

Even with these and the occasional NSAID many of my headaches would just rage on. I would have 3-4 headaches a week that would oscillate between really bad and migraine status. I found a few Pinterest links and a few Google searches about the Daith Piercing and how it can greatly improve or stop headaches. Supposedly it works off an acupuncture point that helps headaches, however acupuncture itself is quite spendy to be done every day that I was getting these migraines.ย  The Daith piercing is like have a permanent acupuncture point.

Three months later and I have had only 1 mild migraine! Just one! And only 2 regular headaches. This really was the best case scenario. I have read that some people do experience a reduction but not by much or some only experience it right after the piercing was done. I feel so thankful that I was able to be one of those lucky ones that experienced almost 100% reduction in migraines. It really has been one of the best things I have tried.

I paid $45.00 for the piercing and jewelry for something that will keep me going and active the rest of my life (hopefully) with minimal headaches and migraines. I have been recommending this to anyone who suffers from migraines because it is never a bad idea to try.ย  Worst, worst case is that it doesn’t work and you have a new piercing or you can remove it and pretend like nothing ever happened.

Check back this Saturday at 8am for the full first 30 days play-by-play of having the piercing and experiencing the reduction in headaches.