30 Day Body Weight Challenge

Let’s see a show of hands, “How many of us have started over from scratch in our fitness routines?” I’m pretty sure everyone reading this just raised their hand. If you read my recent workout post, Pilates & EDS, you know that I have struggled with this, due to injuries, my whole life. So you could say I am an expert at starting over in the gym. Plus its Freebie Friday!Yes, its Freebie Friday! For all those who are having to start over at the gym this freebie is for you. Its a 30 day fitness challenge with only body weight. I like body weight exercises when beginning or starting over because they are easy to do at home, you don’t need to find a gym (right away), and they have a much lower risk of creating a new injury or irritating an old one.

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Try this 30 day challenge to jump start your work outs and feel better. Exercise creates endorphins, and endorphins make happy people…just ask Elle Woods.

Download this printable PDF version of the 30 Day Beginner Challenge and cross off each day as you do it! The sense of accomplishment at the end with feel amazing! Upload pictures of your finished and crossed out 30 Day Challenge sheets!

Go ahead and Conquer Your Own Mountain!