Woodwork Wednesday: Puppy Gate

For those who follow me on Instagram you know we brought Bubba home this past weekend. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you really should because Bubba is the cutest golden puppy there ever was! Anyway, we had to figure out a way to puppy proof the house.ย  Now we close bedroom doors, put shoes away, and have plenty of towels on hand; however that doesn’t help us with keeping him corralled somewhere when we go to work or when we have to sweep or mop the floor. But here’s a way we did it for under $3o and a little elbow grease…

My husband designed this puppy gate from my roughly explained design idea. I can come up with these ideas easily, I can think of the details, and I can make them pretty in my head but I am not capable of drawing them out very well. My husband, on the other hand, is a mechanical engineer, he can draw anything structural.

We have a decent size entry way with an easily blocked off access point to the house. This access point is pretty wide though so the traditional baby and puppy gates wouldn’t fit the span that we needed.


So this is what the gate looked like upon completion before we brought Bubba home. We measured twice and cut once, but we didn’t consider that his head is still small and he can easily fit through the slats and get out. So we had to make an impromptu Home Depot trip to make the gate usable and safe for our little guy. It made it ugly and Army-ish but its functional so that’s ok I suppose, and it’s a plus that we can remove it later with little damage to the gate. Here is the after picture:

Attach0-8 2

But that netting wasn’t all we had to do in order to make it Bubba proof. We had to add a 2×4 to the end because he was sneaking through the corner and getting out still!

Attach0-9 2

Again, its not the beautiful gate that I envisioned but it works and it keeps our little man safe. Once hes bigger and cannot escape the slats we will be removing the netting so that it goes back to the nicely-planned, dual-tone gate that I had in my head the whole time. Below you’ll find a downloadable PDF of the the gate blue prints and the materials needed to build it. Our final cost, not including the netting was just under $30.00. A 25′ roll of the plastic netting we got was about $10.

Materials List (all can be found at The Home Depot, presumably on their online store too):

  • 1- 16 piece pre-packaged bundle of 2×2’s (this was cheaper at our Home Depot rather than cutting our own)
  • 2- 8 ft long 2×4’s that we cut down to 6ft to match our required sizing
  • 1- 2 count package of hinges (whatever style and color you prefer I used hammered black)
  • 1- swivel wheel with bracket to fit a 2×4
  • 1- eye hook and latch to attach to the opening end
  • 1- package of 2″ screws

Optional additions:

  • Garden netting, come in various lengths and widths
  • Staple gun to attach netting
  • Paint or stain

Click here for the Puppy Gateย  downloadable PDF.


We made out slats 6″ apart and like I said before, they are too wide to keep Bubba contained right now at 2 months old. Too soon he will be so big that the 6″ gap wont matter. Also, we put an extra screw – top and bottom – in the middle for added stability while moving it in and out regularly.

An extra note: we ended up needed to secure the top hinge better with bigger screws. We pushed them all the way into the stud in the corner of the wall. Due to the floorboards, we couldn’t put in bigger screws on the bottom, but the wheel down on the bottom helps with not torquing the bottom hinge off. It should be said that the gate should be leveled before you screw the first screws into the wall.

I hope this helps you puppy proof your home, or even baby/toddler proof it! It was a fun project to do and was easily done and installed in an hour. Don’t forget to follow and like Down Home Blog on Instagram and Facebook for more Bubba updates! Have a great day, and as always ask questions if you’re confused before damaging your walls!