Freebie Friday: 3 Day Food Journal Printable

Hello Everyone! Its Freebie Friday again! This week we are talking about nutrition. Whether you have allergies, are trying to eliminate an irritant, or seeing a nutritionist chances are you will be asked to keep a food journal for a minimum of 3 days. Now, you could write this on a piece of notebook paper and hope that you don’t lose it or spill coffee on it, or you could print out this freebie I made to easily compare each day day and hopefully not spill or lose it because its not a plain Jane piece of paper on your desk. As a nutritionist, I regularly ask my clients to do a three day food journal.

A three day food journal helps track patterns as well as likes and dislikes in a client’s diet. Everything that goes into your mouth should be written down in this food journal. Typically if you are seeing a nutritionist or RD they will ask you your water in take as well. This does not count the lemonade at lunch or the tea in the morning. They want actually 100% water intake. I am guilty of not drink enough water because I drink other fluids, but these other fluids will not replace the job that water does in our bodies. This food journal has a specific portion at the bottom to track your water consumption. Each star is worth 2 cups of water. Men should be reaching roughly 15-16 cups of water per day and women just slightly under at 11-12 cups of water per day.

Food journals also help if you are experiencing any food sensitivities or allergies. To read my full food journal make sure to check out Living with Food Sensitivities 1 and 2. Food journals are the easiest way to track and look back at what food item(s) may be making you sick. If there are multiple days that you feel sick to your stomach and look back and only see one food item that is similar, try cutting that item out and see how you feel. I had to do this with both gluten and lactose to figure out my sensitivities.

Its hard sometimes to remember every little morsel you pop in your mouth, but with a food tracker it helps you stay accountable. For example that cake pop going through the Starbucks drive through with your morning coffee, or that cupcake at the PTA meeting. Those can easily fall through the cracks since they are not meals. Days can also blur together. Is your routine, well, routine? Sometimes its hard to remember if you had wheat toast for breakfast or an English muffin.

Try putting this 3 day food journal where you can easily and consistently access it. Whether that is your Filofax (I love mine!), your office and home desk, or your tablet. It needs to be easily available so you will not find it a hassle to write down what you ate right after eating it. Those clients of mine, you know who you are, have seen this before. Share this post with your friends and family and get them going on the right track for a healthy lifestyle.

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