Freebie Friday: Mini To-Do Lists

I love lists! I love making them and I really love crossing the items off! Sometimes I just used sticky notes or a piece of paper – but when its an important list, I like to have it stand out from the crowd. That way it does not go into my recycle pile, trash, or get shoved into a drawer. I created this mini To-Do list on a whim because we have a big meeting today and I need to keep my points focused and my answers concise. These little cards help me remember which questions I wanted to ask and also provide a place to write the answers. That way everything is all nice, neat and in one place.

I use lists for everything: to-do’s, groceries, thank-yous, birthdays, meetings and more. As I said above, it gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment to cross something off of my list. At the end of the day there may still be unchecked boxes, but you at least have a visual aide to show how much you’ve done.

This Friday Freebie has two mini to-do lists in the PDF. This way, it prints easy for you and is just a click away! Buy one-get one’s rock when you don’t have to buy anything!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.15.26 AM

How cute are these little aztec cards?! Perfect for standing out and making sure you remember to do your to-do list (and to cross those items off!). Don’t forget to click the link to download your Friday Freebie!

Freebie Friday To Do List

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