Woodwork Wednesday: Organizing

This Woodwork Wednesday is all about the planning and the organization that goes into large scale wood projects. We can easily knock out a project in an afternoon because we are organized and we plan out our projects. This is how we organize all our little tid-bits that are needed for woodworking:Before meeting my husband I had a small little tool bag that contained everything I ever needed for my small projects. Now that we have combined tools, started bigger projects and moved several times, our little tid-bits got scattered throughout multiple tool bags and chests.

Right now our local Dollar Tree has really great stack-able compartment containers; the ones that are usually $10-12 at the local craft store. We got 12 of them at the Dollar Tree so the price of one at the local craft store bought us 12 to use to store things in. Score! A couple were used for military items that my husband always misplaces and some were used for camping. (Check out Mountain Monday’s – coming soon – to see the one that is in my Bug Out Bag!)

First I gathered every tool bag, tool box, sandwich baggie, and store bought boxes that were full of nails, screws, rivets, washers, nuts, hooks, etc… I piled them in the living room while little Bubba (our golden retriever puppy) slept, and began organzing.

This is the pile of trash left over from clearing out all these odds and ends!


That’s a whole lot of containers that were spread throughout our house and garage! No wonder we couldn’t always find things and ended up buying duplicates. It took about an hour to sort everything into their little compartments. Partly because I am a little OCD and everything had to be neat and tidy – but also things were scattered, so I had 2″ screws in four or five different places. Initially we filled 4 containers, but our downsizing found more useful fasteners and we ended up filling two more.

Here are the finished containers! Well, the first four at least. Here is just a brief list of what all is in there:

  • 2″ Wood Screws
  • Picture Hanging Brackets
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Finishing Nails
  • Small L Brackets
  • Cable Clips
  • Eye Hooks
  • Upholstery Tacks
  • Penny Nails
  • Wood Burning Tips and Letters

There is plenty more in there that isn’t listed but I think you get the general idea. They hold a whole lot of stuff, they stack nicely, and they were very inexpensive. This way everything is ready to go for our next project. Stay tuned for Freebie Friday and Mountain Monday coming up soon!