Freebie Friday: Graduate School Tracker

As some of you might know, I am finishing the last few edits on my Master’s Thesis right now to earn my degree in Exercise Science and Nutritional Science. This is time consuming and right now a pain in my butt! Maybe you didn’t notice (I hope you did though) but Woodwork Wednesday got overlooked this week because of graduate school requirements! What many of you don’t know is my journey to get to graduate school and how I ended up in North Dakota for it…..Originally I planned on going to Physical Therapy school – however after taking a careful look, I realized that career path was one track. With this master’s degree I can change directions as needed for life or family circumstances, and I can enjoy a variety of potential jobs.

When looking at schools I picked schools close to – and in – Montana so I wouldn’t have to move very far, if at all. I got into every school except the one in Montana. Go figure right?! It would seem my in-state tuition check didn’t look as nice as the out of state tuition check!

Graduate admission has a vastly different application process than undergraduate admission. (Most undergraduate programs require the same things: GPA’s, SAT or ACT scores, high school diploma, and maybe some volunteer work. That made it pretty easy for me to mass produce applications and then tweak them as needed to the individual institutions for undergrad. They also have very similar application deadlines.)

Graduate school is another ball of wax! They can have wildly different requirements and its important to stay on top of which school wants what and by what date.

I decided to make a printable tracker so I could keep track of each school, what they wanted, when they wanted it, and how they wanted it. This way I always had it on my computer, in my planner, and in my purse just in case I needed to send something by overnight mail.

Graduate School Tracker

I have the University’s name, location and everything it required from me. Many of them had specific details about each of these categories; for example some schools wanted 3 letters of recommendations while others wanted 5. They all had different guidelines for the letter of intent – some wanted it and some didn’t. This freebie allows you to track the schools and their requirements easily and effectively so you give yourself the best chance of getting your dream school. Even then there are no guarantees.

This can also be adapted to undergraduate admissions. You’ll change the GRE test scores to SAT/ACT test scores – and you may or may not need the letter of recommendation category.

By the end of my application process I had my paper copy covered in notes, highlights, check marks, stars, and comments. It worked great and I had everything in well before the deadline.

Freebie Friday Graduate School Tracker

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