Mountain Monday: Pearls + Camo

By now you have probably noticed that all of Down Home and Country Grown is gone! We switched to the new re-branded name of Pearls + Camo! When I started this blog in 2014 I envisioned it going into a completely different direction. I assumed it would be about interpersonal relationships, daily activities, and your run of the mill every day life.

That is NOT how my life turned out. After getting married, going through graduate school, and moving several times I have really come into my own. First off a few things that I have come to realize about myself:

  1. I don’t want all the “stuff” in life. I want the experiences.
  2. I like the simple life and enjoy the simple things.
  3. I want to be as self sufficient as possible in life.
  4. The old ways are the best ways for most things.
  5. I like solitude and quiet places.
  6. I have no desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses’

In college it was all about getting the big job that makes the big bucks, having the next cool items, or shopping at all the fancy stores. I used to like coupons, sales,  and outlet stores – I liked fitting in and having the trendy items. In the grand scheme of things, does this really matter? No.

If I didn’t need technology to function in today’s society I would get rid of it all. However in today’s world you cannot escape technology unless you want to live like the people on Life Below Zero or Alaskan Bush People.

I like to be out in nature with my husband and our puppy. Solitude and quiet. No body imposing on our space or on our lifestyle. So many people these days try to control others by  imposing their lifestyle and their likes and dislikes on to people. It gets tiring and far too stressful. I think we were made for life in the 50’s rather than the 2000’s.

Back to the subject of this post: this blog was not relevant to my life any longer – you can’t write effectively if its completely irrelevant. I guess I made a fatal flaw when creating it; I didn’t look at the long game. Hopefully now we have adjusted enough to make this a long term game. My husband will be making guest appearances on the blog to give the male perspective. However, based on my lifestyle and my likes and dislikes I’m pretty sure anyone will appreciate this blog set up and content.

Shooting, hunting, hiking, homesteading, camping, outdoors activities,  home building, land buying, and potentially some prepping type activities and more. 

We hope you come back and stay with us for the long run, and we plan to keep you entertained!

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