Bullet Journaling. The Long + The Short

Honestly it’s “The Short” not “The Long”.

Bullet journaling is all the rage these days with beautiful pages and your life all in one book. So naturally I hopped on the craze since I love to doodle and lists are one of my favorite things EVER.

So why is my journal sitting on my book shelf, empty?

Because its so much more fun to to draw and doodle on the pages than it is to actually use them. Who wants to carry around a larger note book? Not me! I am trying to simplify and streamline my daily process. This was mistakenly added into that process.  Here are my top 3 reason why it didn’t work for me.

Mistake 1: I finished creating the pages in 2 days and this really took away from a lot of the fun and enjoyment I thought I would get out of this process.

Mistake 2: I ordered those little stencils to help make shapes uniform. Once you fit a mechanical pencil in there and trace around the shape you have a blob at best. Stamps would have been much better than these metal stencil plates.

Mistake 3: I kept defaulting back to my Filofax planner or my phone for the lists that I need. ( I have lists for everything on my phone. Books I want to read, books I already have, projects I want to do etc)

Needless to say bullet journaling is not for me. I found it extremely anticlimactic. So now I have a gorgeous leather notebook just sitting on my bookshelf. I think I will stick to digital prints and SVG files. Stay tuned in to see when the SVG files will be live on the blog!




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