The Federal Trade Commission in 2009 gave guidelines in a revised edition with regards to endorsements or testimonials. The FTC created these guidelines to protect the consumer (in this case the reader) from misleading information provided by a paid source.

It is the goal of this blog to provide information, product and knowledge that is to this author true and beneficial. Since this blog produces income, it is important to note these few things:

This blog is a source of income, and may be used to promote certain products or services. If we choose to promote something, it is because it is something we believe is a great product/service, and will be beneficial to you – the reader.

Any products provided to us are provided free of charge, and you can be sure come without a biased opinion. We will tell you the truth, you better believe it.

I will always strive to provide what I think is fact, and will never intentionally mislead you. Your trust as a reader is highly important to me.

Any advice given or provided is for the optional and free use of the reader/customer and is taken free of the bloggers responsibility for use or misuse of the information/content. The blogger will not be held responsible for injury, loss or any other negative or deprecating effect as a result of use of information or products. Any advice or product in relation to fitness, nutrition or health in general is taken of free choice by the consumer, and anyone seeking to utilize a product or advice provided by this blog should seek a medical provider’s recommendation or counseling on such a service or product before using them.

That being said, I will always tell you what I believe to be the truth, and that which either I or my husband have used or are still using. We want you to succeed too!


Your information will never be given or sold to third parties. We take privacy seriously. You (probably) like cookies, and we sure do. But internet cookies are something we use to conduct research on our content in order to better provide a pleasant experience for you, the reader. Fear not, your browser can turn off the cookies easily! (Disable Cookies – Chrome).

We utilize third party companies to generate advertisement (because hey, gotta make ends meet right?). They don’t gather any information from you other than a number as a viewer, or a number as a clicker of that add.

This policy of disclosure, privacy and disclaim was last updated on 8 March, 2017, and is subject to change without notice. We will try to update you when anything changes! Have a lovely read folks!